Local Internet Directories Help SEO Companies

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Just about every business is trying to figure out how to maximize marketing dollars and get DeclareMedia has created a new way to help hundreds of local businesses get more clients by using their online multiple directories. They can help Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firms and/or companies with a listing in the directory for free. If they want their business shown on the homepage, it’s only $20.00 per month but space is limited so they need to hurry ahead of their competition using the internet. DeclareMedia wants to make it easy for SEO Firms with their local internet directories so they can get the clients they need. When someone searches on Google for Indiana SEO Companies, They have a directory for that. If anyone wants to locate a Mississippi Search Engine Optimization Firm, they’ve also got a directory for that. They have over 100 directories to help SEO Firms get more clients on the internet.
Any company that has a website wants more rankings in search engine results. By using certain keyword phrases, title tags, URL’s and any other written content related to the kind of business they are running is really important. Most local companies don’t have the time and knowledge to work on SEO on their own so they need to work with a SEO company that will get them the results they want. SEO is really important if businesses want to bring more traffic to their website.
“The solution is easy to use, and works well when it comes to search engine optimization or SEO,” said Ben Martin, VP Product Development, DeclareMedia. A free listing only takes a couple minutes to create. A featured placement listing takes just about a minute longer, and businesses can gain more traffic and lead flow for their SEO Firm due to the prominent placement on the homepage of the directory. DeclareMedia has figured out how to get good rankings for these directories on search engines, which ends up helping companies with their SEO efforts.
DeclareMedia is planning to launch more SEO Services Directories in the next few weeks.
About DeclareMedia: DeclareMedia manages up to 3,000 online, local internet directories covering hundreds of business categories. There is an easier way for both businesses and customers to get what they both need. They have made it easier and faster for businesses to list their website and more convenient for customers to find what they are searching for. Since the directories rank well in search engines, they help local businesses take advantage of the internet to reach customers in their local area. DeclareMedia is located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

$21B Market Opportunity for Service Providers Revealed in Parallels Study of Cloud Adoption


(The Hosting News) – Parallels today announced it will distribute key findings of its study of Cloud adoption of U.S. small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) at Parallels Summit. The research focuses on current usage, growth expectations and areas of market opportunity for service providers delivering Cloud services to their SMB customers.  The research results will be published in a white paper titled “Parallels SMB Cloud Insights, (U.S., 2010)” which will be available to all attendees of Parallels Summit to be held February 23-24th in Orlando Florida.
“Parallels study of Cloud adoption by the SMB market offers unique insights into customers’ buying trends, priorities for the coming year and confirms our vision of the continued rapid evolution and growth of the Cloud market,” said Jack Zubarev, President of Marketing and Alliances at Parallels.  “This study demonstrates there is ample opportunity for service providers to offer value-added services to SMBs.”
Key research findings include:
  • Hosted Services for U.S. SMBs with 1-1000 employees is a $9B Market with $4.9B of this spending in Hosted infrastructure.
  • The U.S. SMB opportunity is at an additional $13B.
  • The Hosted PBX opportunity could be worth up to $3.9B, as hosted PBX becomes more accessible to the smallest SMB segments.
The comprehensive study used a combination of primary research, customer data and secondary research and will assist service providers in selecting and marketing new integrated services for SMBs.  The study focused on use, spending and attitudes of the U.S. SMB sector toward “traditional hosting services”, which include hosted infrastructure, Web hosting and hosted messaging and collaboration (email and PBX).
The annual Parallels Summit is the leading global gathering of the Cloud industry. More than 1,500 attendees, including hosting companies, communication service providers (CSPs), value-added resellers (VARs), software vendors and web designers from around the world will attend to hear from and meet industry leaders from companies including Gold Sponsors enom, HP, Intel, Go Daddy, Logic Box/Resellers Club, and Open Xchange.  Details are available here: http://www.parallels.com/summit.
Source: $21B Market Opportunity for Service Providers Revealed in Parallels Study of Cloud Adoption


SiteLink and Lead Tracking Solutions(TM) Partner

(Gawkwire.com) - SiteLink, the leading software for self-storage and portable storage, announced today it has partnered with with Lead Tracking Solutions (LTS) to integrate their services. The partnership between LTS and SiteLink, two long-established companies in their fields, offers storage owners in the US and Canada an exclusive platform for lowering operating costs and increasing rentals.
As “the ultimate portal,” LTS captures prospect data from sources like email, listing services, tracking numbers, call centers and walk-ins. LTS compares incoming contacts to SiteLink Web Edition, filters out duplicates and uploads pure leads to Web Edition. LTS can even unlock blocked numbers and add them to Web Edition.
SiteLink Web Edition’s CRM module helps to convert leads to rentals. Web Edition collects and manages data points from LTS, including pre-rental data, follow-up appointments, marketing info and post move-out exit interviews.
LTS has been highly successful in the storage industry because its scalable technology cuts operating costs and deploys easily. LTS offers owners a call center version and eliminates purchasing tracking numbers separately. Remote install and training seamlessly integrate LTS’ components with existing phone equipment and infrastructure.
“We designed LTS for the unique needs of the storage industry and found the perfect partner in SiteLink,” said Bill McCullough, CEO of LTS. “LTS is a one-stop solution. With our SiteLink integration, operators now save all leads, calculate true ROI in advertising dollars and measure sales team performance with confidence.”
“We are excited about partnering with LTS because it combines traffic, advertising and sales management in one comprehensive suite,” said Markus Hecker, SiteLink’s COO. “LTS eliminates the manual handling of leads and analyzes them on an enterprise level. Before, owners had to sign up with multiple companies delivering fewer services than LTS.”
About SiteLink
With more than 4,000 installations, SiteLink Web Edition is the most widely used web system in the self-storage industry. More than 60 of the top 100 operators use Web Edition today. Web Edition’s popularity stems from its user-friendly, reliable design. Web Edition’s architecture makes it highly scalable and easy to deploy. Web Edition readily integrates with other platforms such as smart phones, websites, listing services, Insomniac, Lead Tracking Solutions and central mail providers. Superior software tools allow users to grow revenue and dramatically lower their cost of ownership. The company’s commitment to service and product quality has made Web Edition a favorite among operators of every size.
For further information, please contact Markus Hecker at markus(at)smdsoftware(dot)com, visithttp://www.smdsoftware.com or call 919-865-0789 x1.
About Lead Tracking Solutions (LTS)
LTS, a division of O.C. Concepts, Inc. is a privately held company based in Costa Mesa, CA, providing immediate solutions to automate, manage, and evolve prospect communications quickly and cost-effectively for a strategic advantage. By providing automated applications, LTS enables its clients to reduce costs, increase productivity and grow revenue.
LTS applies its unique expertise and 20-year history of success in the real estate and multifamily housing industry with specific emphasis in the marketing communication and technological markets. LTS’ proprietary, patented PopCard™ system, a Follow-the-Lead solution designed for any industry, uses advertising to attract customers and increase foot traffic. The PopCard™ closes the communication gap in lead management, marketing campaigns, employee performance, customer care, and service requests.


How to Add More Followers on Twitter

(Gawkwire.com) – How to add more followers on Twitter is no longer a huge secret…A social media expert Angela Giles reveals the secrets to adding more loyal followers on Twitter on WVOL1470 Radio Show Life with Tatyana, premiering Sunday Feb. 13, 2011.
Angela Giles will give you a mini guideline “How to get 5,000 Twitter Followers in Under 30 Days“
Angela Giles believes everyone has a choice in which advice they listen to and what seminars they attend. Millions of people invest thousands of dollars and hours every year in social media with hopes of creating a huge online presence. Angela Giles Asks, “Is that really necessary?
You can just take the simple secrets that I am going to teach you and add more followers on Twitter “ You will learn how to add more followers on Twitter and get your fan base to fall in love with you.
Tatyana Gann, the host of "Life With Tatyana” show on WVOL1470.com and the founder of SmokinHotPR, the VIP publicity services for business owners worldwide, will be interviewing Angela Giles during her episode on February 13, 2011, at 6 PM CST. Listeners can listen live online or tune in.
Angela Giles, the founder of "Simple Secrets BIG Results" added, “I am excited to share today on the show how to take the necessary steps to build a HUGE online presence using the power of Twitter”
On “Life With Tatyana” radio show interview with Angela Giles listeners will have a chance to hear from Angela, her story on how she built a large fan base using her knowledge of how to add followers on Twitter. 
        I began by following people in my niche that were well known!
        How to Put Your Name In Spotlight
        How to Gain Twitter Followers Affection
        How to Reach Loyal Buyers.
“The Life with Tatyana Show” is about life, inspiration, fashion, real business issues and life situations that people face and with a touch of humor and with pure honesty Tatyana makes sure to deliver what listeners are craving to know in the real daily life.
Angela Giles has been recognized in social media world as the person who teaches about simple secrets that BIG results. Her specialized social media niche is in teaching others how to add more followers on Twitter. She is also an author of Facebook Marketing in 60 Minutes A Day
Angela Giles is also a co-founder of SmokinhotPR.com with her business partner and friend, Tatyana Gann. Tatyana and Angela are teaching business owners how to obtain publicity for their business using SEO enhanced press releases and social media strategies.
To claim immediate access to “Simple Secrets BIG Results” newsletter, visit Angela Giles’s website


SEO Service Rebranding

(Gawkwire.com) – Professional search engine optimization (SEO) is a complex process that requires a many-faceted approach. SEO techniques change constantly, which is why so many marketing and ad agencies, web developers and local business consultants shy away from offering it to their clients.
Internet entrepreneur, James Schramko, created the immensely successful SEO Partner service in 2009 to provide a high level SEO service to his colleagues and clients. However, increasingly popular is the provision of this service to consultants, on a ‘Reseller’ basis.
Who Are Resellers?
Client requests for SEO services are received by businesses as diverse as advertising agencies, marketing and local business consultants and web developers. It is a marketing strategy, but it is one in which few marketers are adept.
The inability of these organizations to provide SEO to their clients became a thing of the past, however, with the creation of SEO Partner.
Schramko explains “We have made it possible for all manner of businesses to offer SEO services to their clients, on a reseller basis. Their clients never need to know that the reseller is not the person delivering the service.”
Report Rebranding
SEO Partner resellers receive monthly reports for each of their clients.
“We are now offering to add our resellers’ logos to their clients’ reports, which will streamline the reporting process for them.” says Schramko.
“Through SEO Partner there is now no reason why all ad agencies, consultants and web developers cannot offer SEO services to their clients and make at least 100% profit margin on top.”
SEO Partner Services
SEO strategies are constantly changing, and can include article, video, forum and social media marketing, along with blog networking and press release creation. All of these techniques play different roles in the SEO Partner suite of products, which have been tailored to suit both small and large businesses.
More details are available at SEOPartner.com
About James Schramko
James Schramko is a Sydney based Internet Marketer who fired his boss in May 2008. Since then his internet marketing business has grown exponentially. James has not just mastered the essential skills you need to be a success on the internet, but he is applying them in innovative ways that have skyrocketed him to international renown.
James continues to developed his suite information products and automated profit systems that are in demand by the top internet marketers around the world (they now call him for advice!). In so doing he indulges his passion for product development and innovation, and mentoring students in high-level and ethical internet marketing.
About SEO Partner
SEO Partner is a division of James Schramko’s SuperFastBusiness. After testing several supply sources on many blogs and websites James built a high performance team to develop the very best done-for-you SEO service on the planet.
Its products can encompass article, video, press release and social media marketing, along with other high level linking strategies designed to improve the search engine rankings of small and large businesses. SEO Partner now has five specially assembled packages from which to choose.


FlowFest 2011: Advanced NetFlow Training

(Gawkwire.com) – Plixer International, Inc., a leading global provider of network traffic monitoring and analysis tools, is hosting FlowFest™ 2011: Advanced NetFlow Training for IT professionals on July 25-27, 2011 in Wells / Ogunquit, Maine. This conference will feature industry experts detailing how to gain network traffic insight through use of NetFlow analysis.
Plixer’s software tools provide clients around the globe with a holistic view of their network infrastructure regardless of equipment vendor. Plixer tools are proactive and intuitive with some of the most advanced NetFlow collection features available, allowing IT professionals to quickly identify congestion and narrow in on the source.
During the 3-day FlowFest™ training, attendees can participate in sessions and hands-on labs for live troubleshooting on voice, video, and data traffic using hardware from numerous vendors. Participants can learn how to improve network traffic management from some of the field’s most knowledgeable NetFlow and IPFIX authorities.
The conference will feature keynote speakers from both Cisco Systems and Enterasys and will cover topics such as:
    Basic NetFlow 101 Configurations and Advanced Flexible NetFlow (FnF) configurations
    Filtering: both include and excluding data to narrow in on problems
    Understanding the Cisco ASA NetFlow exports
    NetFlow and IPFIX exports from (Adtran, Enterasys, nProbe, SonicWALL and several others)
    Ingress Vs. Egress NetFlow and why use them
    Layer 7 Application Analysis with NetFlow (identify Skype, Facebook, Webex, BitTorrent and more)
    Layer 2 Analysis including MAC addresses and VLANs
    NetFlow Latency reporting from several different vendors (e.g. RTT, Jitter, Latency, Packet loss and more)
    NetFlow Forensics and Network Behavior Analysis with NetFlow and IPFIX
From virtualization to borderless networks, technology specialists will provide the knowledge needed to advance the NetFlow troubleshooting abilities of IT professionals to a higher level. Instructor Michael Patterson is the Scrutinizer Product Manager, an industry expert, and an extensive NetFlow blogger. He has a Masters Degree in Computer Information Systems and was formerly an instructor at Cabletron Systems, teaching Network General Sniffer, Ethernet, ATM and Network Management.
The 3-day FlowFest™ training costs only $1,795.00 and includes the conference, continental breakfast, lunch, and a lobster bake. To register or review additional agenda information, visit Plixer’s website at http://www.plixer.com or contact Plixer International at 207-324-8805.
About Plixer International
Plixer International, Inc. develops and markets network traffic monitoring and NetFlow analysis tools to the global market. All of the sFlow, IPFIX and NetFlow tools are built from the ground up with valuable feature sets and ease of use in mind. Plixer tools have been used to analyze and troubleshoot irregular network traffic patterns by IT professionals with some of the largest networks in the world, such as AT&T, Toyota, CNN, The Coca-Cola Company, Lockheed Martin, IBM, Regal Cinemas, Raytheon, and Eddie Bauer.
For product and sales information, contact Plixer International, Inc. at 1 Eagle Drive, Sanford, Maine, via telephone 207-324-8805, via fax 207-324-8683, on Facebook, on Twitter, or through the Plixer website at .


Troux Conference Attracts Big Name Speakers

(The Hosting News) – Troux, the leader in Business Technology Management and Enterprise Architecture software, today announced an exceptionally strong lineup of speakers, sponsors and attending companies designed to create a unique educational and networking conference scheduled for March 23-24 in Austin, TX.

To say “thank-you” to the organizations, customers and industry leaders that have contributed to its success, Troux is making the full conference program free for the majority of invited guests. With a focus on driving business results, the Troux Worldwide Conference is the largest Troux conference ever held and boasts more customer-presented success studies than any other EA conference.

“Our Texas-sized conference is the event of 2011 for business technology management (BTM) and EA. It’s ideal for all Troux customers, partners and anyone involved in BTM who would like to join us for an intensive learning and networking experience,” said Matt Price, vice president of worldwide marketing at Troux. “It’s also the perfect next step for anyone who has previously attended one of our Troux regional conferences, a Troux webinar or training class.”

George Paras, editor-in-chief of Architecture and Governance Magazine had this to say, “Our industry needs this kind of conference, built around quality success stories, encouraging the sharing of ideas that drive business results and fostering networking among colleagues who will learn through talking with one another.”

Case Studies Showcase Business Technology Management Success

With more case studies than any other EA conference, the Troux Worldwide Conference features presentations from a slate of renowned professionals representing leading global organizations. Each case is hand-selected to showcase challenges and successes that offer learning and insights to drive results.

Sessions include the best practical advice on how to plan, execute and promote programs, overcome hurdles and deliver business value. Masterclasses will be offered on EA-driven strategy, investment and planning, applications portfolio management, architecture management and TOGAF, information management, standards management and ITIL.

Presentations from these leading companies are featured: Alstom, AMD, Boeing, BAE Systems, Cisco Systems, Dell, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Cummins, Vattenfall, Discover, USAA, Merck, Kaiser Permanente and Volkswagen Group of America.

A special track is designed to help EA address CIO priorities, including topics such as cloud transformation, IT modernization and mergers and acquisitions.

Throughout the conference Birds of a Feather sessions will be held and technical advice will be available from Troux practice directors, support engineers and development teams.

Enjoy the Best of Texas

Attendees will enjoy the conference location in downtown Austin, the ‘live music capital of the world’.

“Austin is an ideal place to reconnect with old friends and meet new contacts over delicious food and music. Texas-style hospitality will be infused into every hour of this conference,” promised Price.

Registration Available
Please go here, http://www.troux.com/conference, to request your invitation.

About Troux
With Troux software CIOs and their teams successfully streamline Business Technology Management and EA initiatives. Troux applications unify business and technology decisions across the enterprise to save money, reduce risk and increase agility. Designed for rapid rollout, Troux delivers value to priority CIO programs fast. With the largest – and fastest growing – base of successful customers, Troux delivers results for these global companies and more: Alstom, AMD, Bayer, BAE Systems, Beiersdorf, Cisco, Dell, Discover Financials, Fiducia, Kaiser Permanente, Merck, USAA, US Customs and Immigration, Vattenfall, Vodafone and Volkswagen.